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Summer '17 Bucket List: Moped Edition


Now that we have solidified our South Minneapolis Hipster status by adding a moped to the family, I have been contemplating all the fun places I'll be able to drive it. (The fact that Shirley only goes 38 mph puts a bit of a damper on things, but luckily we live in a neighborhood with plenty of fun places near by.)

  1. South Lyndale Liquors

I've already done this one, and was pretty proud of myself, because it was my first shopping trip via moped. There is something a little exciting about putting a bottle of vodka in your backpack. It makes high school Lindsay pretty happy. Also, obvious where our priorities lie.

2.  Bread and Pickle

This is the 2nd summer we have spent so close to this Lake Harriet gem, and we have yet to go. It's kind of a disgrace. And they make their own dog treats, so I'll be filling the seat with those to bring home for the dogs. (No side-car for Finn...yet!)

3.  The Malt Shop

Are you sensing a theme here? Mind you, only one person fits on the moped, so I will either a) be eating a lot of meals by myself. (totally cool with that) or b) making my SO drive the car to meet me somewhere. (totally cool with that too) Not much is going to make me happier than cruising down the street, sun shining, Chocolate Chunk Pecan Cookie Dough milkshake in my lap.

4. Cafe Maude Happy Hour

I love the outdoor patio at Cafe Maude, and again it's a place oh so close, that I have never visited. And sparkling rose on a hot summer evening sounds absolutely amazing.

5. Lyndale Park Rose Garden

Finally, something not food related! (Although I'll probably pack a snack.) This seems like the type of place to sit back and relax with a book for an hour or so. I drove by this garden with the windows down the other day, and the smell from the road was enough to make me want to just set up a tent and move in for a day or two.

I am hoping to hit all of these places and more over the Summer, and since I am continually getting lost, I will probably find some other spots I didn't even know existed to add to my list!

And if you see me riding Shirley around these spots, please don't honk at me. I know I am going slow, I am just focusing on not tipping over. Mopeds are hard!!