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Dog collars That Look Good and DO Good


I had been searching for a new collar for Finn for the summer because the leather collar he usually wears really takes a beating from all his time spent at  in the lake. I wanted something colorful, sturdy, and easy to clean. That's when I found Geopetric.


Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and also 100% cool looking. There are so many different styles of collars, leashes, and harnesses that I had a hard time picking out just one for Finn.


Another major selling point for me is the fact that they donate 10% of purchases to animal rescue groups around the US.


They also have a program where you can "pup-cycle" your pet's gear, and they will clean and donate that gear to a shelter in need. If that weren't motivation enough, they send you a 50% off discount code for donating. Win-win!!


Geopetric also has a line of product for cats, AND some fun gear for humans too. So far we have purchased a collar for Finn (personalized with his name....for FREE), a leash for Blue, t-shirt for me, and the boys went together on a gift for Tom for Father's Day (yea, we are those people) , the "Fur Dad" key chain to match Blue's leash. There is literally something for everyone, and it all comes from a company that is doing wonderful things for rescue dogs across the United States.

Right now Geopetric is offering a 20% discount on your purchase if you use the code "Finn20" at check-out. So visit their website, take their pet personality quiz , and find the right collar for your pooch. Help make a difference in the life of a shelter dog.