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Book a Hotel and Hope the Rest Falls Together.

Otherwise known as: How Our Banff Trip Happened.

One of the fastest ways to cause a serious case of wanderlust is to sign up for Expedia, or emails. Seeing all those possible destinations with the "Save NOW!" stickers is enough to make anyone open a line of credit and hit the road. And that is exactly how I ended up booking a hotel in Banff for August. In January.


January in Minneapolis is about as miserable as can be, so when the email advertising a discounted stay in Banff came through my inbox, it only took a couple clicks of the mouse and quick text to Tom and our big Summer trip was starting to unfold. All we had to do was wait seven and a half months (haha!) and we would be hiking through the Canadian Rockies, soaking in hot springs and shopping at Hudson's Bay Company.

(I threw that one in just for me!) 

Now that the trip is getting closer, we have managed to finalize a few more details, and the planning and anticipation of this trip has been a bit like a vacation on its own.

(For me anyway, planning things is kind of my happy place.) 

The trip hasn't happened yet, so I can't say I am an expert, but I would 100% suggest planning a trip this way. When people ask "why Banff?" I can honestly only say that I have seen the beautiful pictures taken there, and the email from Expedia came at the right time. That I just went for it, and Banff could have been any location. Doing our vacation this way also gave us the opportunity to save and budget in a way that other spur of the moment trips don't allow.


So my advice for happy traveling? Pull the trigger. Sign up for the emails. Book the hotel. And then work your butt off to figure the rest out along the way.

As a wise, unknown author once said, "Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer"

The photos in this post where found at, an amazing resource for all things Banff National Park (and beyond. Obviously)