One Girl One Dog


The Icefields Parkway Pt. 2


Let's pick up where I left off, shall we? So now that I am engaged in this story (!!!!) we literally floated down the mountain. It was so easy heading back down, that I was a little ashamed of how much I complained on the way up!

We still had a lot more ground to cover, and more sights to see.


We made it to the Athabasca glacier at the same time the wind picked up, and the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees. We hadn't booked any sort of tour at the glacier, so we just walked around as much as we could handle. We did our best, because we had heard the stories that this glacier won't be around much longer due to climate change. But you know, that's not real..............................................................................................


One of my favorite things about the afternoon was when we pulled to the side of the road to look at a particularly blue bit of river. It is still hard for me to put into words the color of the water in Banff, but it literally made us pull off the road.


There were some people sitting near the banks, and after we walked passed them (and pet some dogs, that would make an appearance on our trip again!) we heard the sound of rushing water. Looking for a little adventure after an hour in the car, we picked our way up a small, wooded hill. We discussed many times on the trip that the theme of our vacation was "just put in the extra miles and you will be rewarded beyond belief". Well, this was another instance of that.


We sat in solitude and enjoyed this hidden little waterfall for a bit, savoring the lack of tourists and internally saying a little word of thanks that we had each found someone who enjoys getting off the beaten path.


Our last stop of the day was Johnston Canyon.


It was filled with tourists, and was very regimented, but nonetheless I would consider this a MUST STOP for anyone vacationing in Banff.


We ended our day with some chicken wings, and a stroll through town to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate our engagement. We drank said champagne out of hotel coffee mugs and fell asleep around 10:30 while watching a Canadian prank show. And I wouldn't have had it any other way!