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Lake Agnes Tea Hike


I am so excited to share the details of our Tea House hike with you! This was something we were both really looking forward to and it probably ended up being the most fun day. You can read more about the Lake Agnes Teahouse here, so let's get started with the pictures!

The hike starts at Lake Louise, so we were able to enjoy that spot again before the crowds.


This hike is a pretty steep climb (I'll show you the view of where we ended up in relation to this picture at the end of this post!) but there are little stops along the way to break it up. One of our favorites was Mirror Lake.


I am going to honestly say that I'm not sure half the people that were on the trail with us realized this was how the lake worked, reflecting the hill in front of us (funny, in MN this would be a mountain, but in Banff it's a hill) into the lake like this. I'm not saying this because I think I am Magellan or anything, but literally no one went down to the edge of the water where I took this picture.

Anyway...after a few more switchbacks, you finally climb the staircase that brings you to Lake Agnes.


It was already swarming with people, but miraculously  we found a table with a view of the lake. We each ordered tea and breakfast/lunch and savored in the view, and the rest for our legs.


After our pot of tea, we walked along the lake to get to the Big Beehive trail.


I was amazed at how clearly you could see fish swimming in the lake, and was on constant look out for a massive beast of fish. 


The hike up the Big Beehive trail is NO.JOKE. It was the hardest hike we did the entire trip. But the views. THE VIEWS!!


Fun fact: I did not have a string connecting my lens cap to my camera, and I spent a good majority of the trip either dropping it, or losing it.


I eventually dropped it over this ledge while trying to take a picture of a chipmunk. That chipmunk followed the cap right over the edge thinking it was food. (Before you worry about the chipmunk, there were ledges along the way that I am certain he found. But that's a lesson for you, don't feed these animals! They are real dumb, and will seemingly follow food to their death.)

Oh, and remember Mirror Lake? That's the view of it from atop Big Beehive. You can see to the bottom of it from this far up. Insanity.

When we finally made it back down to Lake Louise we were exhausted. That's when Tom pointed out the top of Big Beehive to me. Can you believe we hiked all the way up there?


And lived to tell about it!!