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Banff- The food edition.

Last Banff post, promise. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention some of our favorite places to eat while we were on vacation.


Burger Bar

The Eddie Burger + Bar was our first restaurant-and holy cow was it good. It had a really local feel, and so many options to choose from. It also had a great beer selection-something we are always happy about!

Nachos, Wings, Beer

We celebrated our engagement over chicken wings, nachos, and an amazing view of Downtown Banff. The Elk & Oarsman was a pretty top-notch sports bar, and the food was amazing. I don't know if it's just because we always went to dinner starving after a full day of activities, but all of the food we had was so good. Tom was also on a mission to eat as many animals as possible, so the elk nachos were a no brainer.


We ended up going to a basement liquor store and buying a bottle of champs to drink in our room. It was a really high-rolling evening for us! jk, it was "us" to a T and I wouldn't have had it any other way!!



Speaking of "us" wouldn't be a trip without a stop at a brewery. We both love sampling local craft beers, so were pleased to get a patio seat at Banff Ave Brewing.


The Best Meal We Had

One other big splurge we had on this trip was dinner at Sky Bistro on top of Sulphur Mountain. Yup, that same Sulphur Mountain that we huffed and puffed our way up on Day One.

This time though, we rode the gondola up.


We purchased a package where we got our gondola passes, and an appetizer and entree each for $175, and I couldn't recommend it enough. We ordered a bottle of wine at the bar to share, and gambled a bit and waited to be seated until the very last moment allowed. And it paid off. We were seated at a table next to the window, and had a front row seat to sunset over the mountain range.


It was such an amazing dining experience, and I couldn't rave over the food enough. Tom devoured more animals, and I discovered scallops with pureed peas. After a few days being covered in dirt, it was nice to clean up and have a nice meal.

Beaver Tails

Because no trip to Canada is complete with out them!

I would honestly just get the simplest version of this next time, as it's a sugar rush that I'm not sure I am capable of handling, but holy crap these were good!!


I didn't take a great picture of our drinks or meals, but another great spot to eat is Park Distillery. We both really enjoyed our drinks and food, and the atmosphere was really cool. (The service did kind of suck, but I think it was just one bad host, and not a reflection on the entire place.)