One Girl One Dog




First of all, how is 2018 already? Like, I know that's what people say, but I am honestly wondering-because I'm not exactly sure what I even did in I'm having a hard time believing that it actually happened. Which is of course a wild over reaction, because I managed to travel around Minnesota a few times, get an entirely  new job, explore Banff (finally!), and get friggen ENGAGED. So I actually kind of crushed 2017 in a way.

But 2018? I plan on blowing it out of the water. I feel like I have spent the last 3 years planting some serious roots in my life and now it is time to GROW baby GROW!

I took a little time while I was binge-watching Criminal Minds to take an inventory of my life in 2017 and what I will be adding and subtracting the next 365 days. And let me tell you, I will for sure be needing each and every hour of each and every day 2018 will give to me to accomplish some of the things I would like to accomplish.


I don't always buy into the "new year, new you" vibe that comes with a new year, but I am a huge proponent of personal growth-so I get easily excited by the prospect to take a look at where you have been and plot where you are headed next. All of these goals and intentions for the year come from a place that I have been trying to get to for awhile. When I took the time to really evaluate the changes in my life that have been gradually occurring for the last few years, I realized that it was time to really get to work and let these things happen.


Whether your year is for planting or sowing, I hope you are able to enjoy the season of life you are in. Not every year is about crushing goals-some are for simply preparing yourself for the next round.

Lindsay Kummet